May 20, 2017

Japan haul part one

My major Japan haul is live! Initially I was planning on combining the miscellaneous, beauty, and fashion things into one video but it ended up being too long so I'm separating them into two parts. The fashion haul shall be coming up very soon so stay tuned for that! :)


May 7, 2017

Japan food haul is here! I show you a variety of kit kats, noodle snacks, ramune gummies, and more!

Up next is my Japan fashion and beauty haul so stay tuned! After that, Japan vlogs :)


April 27, 2017

When SMILE BRILLIANT contacted me asking if I wanted to try out their teeth whitening kit, I was so excited. I had first heard about them through Danielle Mansutti's video (here) where she shared her experience with at home teeth whitening. I remember thinking, "damn it would be nice if I could try them out" and I was actually given the chance to! Imagine how excited I was haha

They'll send you a box of all the materials that you'll need for you to make your impressions, as well as the products needed to whiten your teeth. Don't worry, instructions are included inside as well. I was happy to find desensitizing gel because I was worried my teeth would be sensitive to the whitening gel. 

You'll need one BASE and one CATALYST mixed together to create the putty that'll be needed for your impressions. Once they're mixed together, make sure you input it into the teeth trays as quickly as possible before the putty starts to dry up. If it dries up, you'll have to do it again so it can really get the impressions of your teeth. Doing the impressions was the funniest part for me because I looked so funny while making my impressions. 

After all that, I received my teeth trays in the mail and it was time to start the teeth whitening process! I would leave the whitening gel on for about 1.5 hours each time and I'm loving the results. I drink a lot of tea and bubble tea which stains the teeth so it was nice to see that there were less of those stains. I do see that my teeth are whiter than they were before and I'm really happy that I was able to achieve that through the Smile Brilliant kit. It's nice to be able to whiten my teeth at home for a much more reasonable price than going to the dentist. As for sensitivity, I did use the desensitizing gels and felt like there wasn't much pain at all. It was a comfortable process throughout.

(Yes, I am aware I do not have the straightest teeth. I do plan on getting Invisalign some time in the future)

You can even watch this video here for more information:

If you're interested in trying out this kit as well, there is a coupon code for you to use (fionnac5) for 5% off! Smile Brilliant is also so lovely to do a giveaway for $139.95 worth of store credit to be used on their website. All you have to do is click the link here and they will choose the winner on (June 1, 2017). Good luck to everyone on the giveaway! :)


April 12, 2017

Wearing Zara top & jeans, Forever21 mules, Chanel bag

The weather has been amazing here in New York City. I was finally able to bring out my new mules that I got from Forever21 a couple weeks ago and they're the perfect spring shoe. I even have a similar pair in black because duh. There's also some pretty cherry blossoms near my area which I was pleasantly surprised about. It's like Japan followed me home.

I've been a huge hermit these past few days, relaxing at home, being pretty jet lagged and all. I've also been missing Japan immensely. My heart wasn't ready to leave. Coming back from my trip has changed something in me. I can't really put my fingers on what that is exactly, but something has changed. I feel I care less about some things and I feel I want to change some aspects of my life. Travel does that to you I guess. You see a different perspective in life and it inspires you in so many ways.


April 9, 2017

Hi guys! It's me again. Hope you didn't forget about me even though I have been neglecting this blog for a long while now. I am back this time, I promise. I've been thinking about relaunching my blog and being more consistent with it for a while now and I think now is the perfect time. I am just coming back from my trip to Japan, which means lots of photos and videos to come, and I've been missing the whole blogging thing.

I thought I would just pop in real quick to let you guys (whoever is actually reading this anymore) know that I am coming back to the blog, while still making YouTube videos, and will be sharing with you all my adventures in Japan. I miss it already and I just came back. Mark my words, I will be back.

Stay tuned for all the Japan posts! :)
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