September 6, 2017

Sakura ^___^

Japan is known for their cherry blossoms in spring so, without question, we went to Meguro River to look at them up close! They're pretty from the moment they bloom and the moment they fall. There were so many trees of sakura petals flowing in the air.

A lot of people were there to see them as well so it does get a little bit crowded in the main areas.


Tokyo Disney Sea here I come!!!!

I remember before leaving for Japan, I was searching for YouTube videos of this magical place and was so excited that I was going to be able to see it for myself. I even looked up things you can buy there and made myself a list of things I wanted to get as souvenirs.

Hope you guys enjoy this one!


September 5, 2017

My blonde days are now over as I am back to the dark side.

The blonde journey has been a good one and I will miss it one day, I'm sure, but for now, I'm extremely happy to be back to my more natural shade. I had told myself not to bleach my hair anymore due to the damage so I grew out the blonde. The growing out process was fine at first but it always grows to a point where it starts looking weird. Since the ends are the most damaged, I decided to chop everything and kind of start from scratch.

My plan is to grow out my hair long since it's been such a long time since I've had my hair that length. It'll be nice to grow out my natural healthy hair for a change. I also can't believe how short my hair is now! I love getting ready because it's not as high maintenance too.

If anyone is wondering, my hair stylist is Jonathan. I've been going to him for a while now and I recommend him if you're looking to color your hair!


August 24, 2017

Last year, we visited one of our friends in Albany and had lots of fun winding down so we decided to do it again this year. The great thing about going upstate is the change of pace compared to the city. The city is always so fast paced with everyone always needing to get from point A to point B but being upstate, everything is relaxed and calm. It was a nice change.

We decided to go to the farmers market just like we did last year. The farmers market improved and there were so many more stands. There were also a lot of insanely cute dogs that I was gawking over. We ate at a little cafe and realized how the portions are ridiculously huge. It was so hard for us to finish all the food. After our lunch, we made our way to Bowman's Orchard to do some berry and peach picking!

I've never been fruit picking before so I wanted to try it at least once in my life. The only downside to this whole experience was how hot it was that day. Other than that, it was fun and refreshing. The fruits were delicious too. A few pictures were taken, of course.


August 21, 2017

On this day, we did a lot of shopping around. My friends wanted to look for a cool souvenir jacket while I explored the other shops in Shibuya. I also visited the Alice on Wednesday store which is a Alice in Wonderland themed store. The interior is so amazing and really makes you feel like you're in the cartoon. You just have to love Japan for their details.

I also ate at the best yakiniku place of my life. It was so good and affordable - GO HERE. If you're visiting Tokyo, put this place on your list (restaurant name in video). You won't regret it. I still dream of that meat till this day hehe.
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