January 9, 2018


My birthday month has begun, and the reason why I'm saying 'birthday month' is because I will be turning the big 25 this year. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend more time with friends and enjoy this coming of age. 

The first birthday month activity was going upstate to Rhinebeck with some of my childhood friends. We found a beautiful house that I didn't want to leave (which you can check out the tour of on my Instagram highlights), and spent the weekend laughing away. There was a gorgeous bathtub that was too beautiful for me to pass up, so of course, I had to take a dip.

On Saturday, we headed out to Mohonk Mountain Resort and it felt like I was transported into the world of Harry Potter. The view was stunning and filled with snow. It was really nice for taking photos. We went to the ice skating rink, which was empty, so it was really cool having the entire rink to ourselves. It's been a long while since I've ice skated so it took me a while before I got the hang of it.

There were fireplaces located throughout the resort, which was nice since it was freezing outside. Even with the thousands of layers I had on, my body felt way too cold. Good thing we didn't have to stay out for too long, but I do want to come back here when it's warmer! I would love to hike here and see the views.

After the resort, we went home and had a lovely home cooked meal by one of my friends who is a chef. It was so delicious. I wish you could've tasted it. Too bad I don't have any good pictures of the food. For the rest of the night, we enjoyed each others company, played a bunch of board games, and laughed until it was time for bed.

Sunday means it's time for brunch, right? I found this cute restaurant called The Amsterdam and the interior was cozy and cute. The food was really good and the service was great. It was a really great way to end the trip except that it was too good and I ended up with extreme food coma afterwards.

This trip is definitely one for the books. I vlogged my entire time there, though I'm not sure I did such a great job, but I will be putting together a vlog of all my birthday festivities this month so expect that on the channel! I'm excited for the other plans I have this month and I can't wait to share them with you.

December 27, 2017


Merry Christmas! 

Hello, hello! It's been such a long time since I've touched this blog but I'm trying to get myself back into it. Christmas just passed and it was so much fun spending time with family and friends. Times like these remind me of how blessed I am to have the people that I have in my life. 

Being with family was great. We ate food, opened presents, and laughed a lot together. We also took a few cute polaroids. I've also had a few Christmas celebrations with friends which was nice too. There's still one more friendsmas before my Christmas celebrations are completely over. After that, it's the new year! Can you believe the time?!

I hope everyone is having a great time during the holidays!

November 2, 2017


Prints from Printiki
Check out their Instagram for inspo! 

I've recently taken off my huge calendar on my gallery wall and have been looking for a replacement to cover the huge empty space. My plan is to install a wall shelf, add some cool art pieces, and add some personal photos for a personal touch. 

Printiki reached out to me asking if I wanted to print some photos and it couldn't have been a better time. I chose their square M prints in a matte finish I love how they came out. The photo quality is just what I was looking for. I chose to print out a lot of my travel photos of this year because I was thinking of starting a creative scrapbook and thought these would be the perfect size to incorporate in my new journal. I'm excited to start that soon.

October 1, 2017


Celine nano <3
Watch the unboxing here
Handbag porn, anyone?

Look at this beauty. Anyone else feel me on this one? It's my anniversary with my Celine this summer and I will say that I'm still so in love with this bag. I've also kept it in really great condition so it still looks brand new. These photos were actually laying around in the archives but I thought I'd share for anyone who is as into handbags as I am.

One thing that has surprised me about this bag is that it's not as easy to scratch as I thought. My nails have grazed across the bag a few times and I thought I had scratched it but nope, nothing. Imagine the horror I initially had! That's not to say if you accidentally scrape your keys against the bag it won't do any damage, but something small like your nails grazing across won't make any crazy dents.

A subscriber had asked me to do a styling video with the Celine nano a while back and I do have that video in mind! I hope to get that out to you guys but really, this bag can match with any outfit. 

September 29, 2017


Brunch at The Butcher's Daughter

Don't you just love it when a brunch spot is not only a hyped up spot on the gram?

The Butcher's Daughter has been an Instagram popular spot for brunch for a while now so naturally it made it onto my list of brunch places to try. The food didn't look disappointing so I decided to check this place out and I'm glad it ended out being delicious.

I ordered avocado toast with eggs on top because that is the best combo ever. Eggs with anything please! They also had watermelon juice which was good. Whenever I'm at a restaurant, I always see what kind of non-alcoholic drinks they have because I don't drink alcohol and I'm a fiend for drinks. I'm always hoping they'll have something delicious. Though the watermelon juice was good, they didn't have a wide variety of drinks to choose from.

The avocado toast was super filling. I was so surprised by how full I was feeling after my meal. They were really sweet to give us complimentary ginger shots after our meal and they tasted really good. I wouldn't have thought that a ginger shot could taste good but it did!
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