July 23, 2017

In this Japan episode, my friends and I visit Kyoto for two days!

The vibe of the city is definitely different to Tokyo. While there are areas that resembles a noisy city, there are a bunch of places in Kyoto that take you back to the old times. The streets and architecture is really interesting to see.

Since our time was limited, we were only able to visit a few touristy spots. It was so much fun feeding monkeys and we were able to see a little geisha girl at the bamboo forest. Watch to see more of my trip to Kyoto!


July 22, 2017

Episode 3 is here :)

In this episode, I visit Akihabara which is an area known for their adult shops and anime things. I also bring you guys with me to Genki sushi which is a conveyor belt restaurant where you order from a touch screen! I first saw it through Instagram and had to come here myself.

The sad thing was I lost some footage that I had filmed. There is a possibility that it's in one of my SD cards but that's the one SD card I cannot seem to find... Just my luck. I hope you enjoy this episode anyway!


July 20, 2017

Episode 2! Yay!

There has been a delay in posting episode 2 because I got really sick and was glued to my bed for a good week. I'm still recovering but I'm a lot better since I'm able to do regular human things again like move (yeah, I was pretty sick).

In this episode, I take you guys with me on my very first day in Japan. I also end up making a very big, but awesome purchase. Can you guess what it is? :P


July 12, 2017

My girls: Elain, Lucy

I went to Miami a few months back with these two beautiful girls and we had such a relaxing and chill time. Lucy had brought her polaroid camera with her so we were able to get some cute shots. I'm happy we didn't want to cut each other's throats after the trip (LOL) but these are definitely memories worth keeping! More Miami posts to be live soon.


July 6, 2017

At the infinity pool with NYC views

A bunch of my friends and I went to Sojo Spa Club during Fourth of July weekend and I am so glad we went. This spa had been on my list of things to do for a while so I was totally on board when my friends said they wanted to go. For weekdays, it's $55 per person but on weekends, it's $65. If you have a group of 10, there is a discount so make sure you ask about that.

Despite it being a long weekend and Fourth of July, I didn't think the place over crowded. There was definitely a good amount of people but it wasn't over bearing. They have an infinity pool with a nice view of New York City. It was definitely 'the spot' for those Instagram pictures. There are a bunch of other pools too as well as lounge areas and saunas. They even have a slide! Everything was clean and modern which made it feel very luxurious.

For people who have kids, they have a floor just for kids. This is good for the adults who want it to be adults only also since kids are restricted to a specific floor.

For lunch, I ordered bulgolgi over rice and shikhae, which is a Korean rice drink. Whenever I watch Korean reality TV shows and they're at the spa, they always get this drink so I have always wanted to try. It's super refreshing, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. The food and drinks are fairly priced which is a huge plus. I thought their prices would be more expensive but my drink was only $2.50. They also had mint lemonade but I wasn't able to try. Maybe next time!

I seriously enjoyed my stay here so much. I really felt relaxed after coming here. This is a place I'm definitely looking to come back to.

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