August 13, 2017

Triangl bikini here

This gorgeous yellow set was sent to me by Triangl last year but I didn't have the opportunity to wear it because it was already fall season by the time I received it. So, naturally, I brought it with me on my trip to Miami. A lot of people always wonder if Triangl is worth the money and I think their quality is definitely there. Not to mention, it comes with a neoprene bag as well which matches the bikini. I used that bag for going to the beach while I was in Miami. 

The bottoms are now a little tighter on me because I've gained weight but the size I'm wearing is a . For the top, I'm wearing size . There are three different colors to choose from in this set and I had initially chosen the dark blue, but decided that yellow would suit me much better with a tan. I was wearing too many dark colors anyway. 

If you're looking to find yourself a set, check them out here. Their quality is great and the bikini is sturdy. Only downside is neoprene gets easily wrinkled so just make sure your pieces aren't crumpled together. 


August 8, 2017

Welcome to another episode of my Japan series.

Each time I upload, I feel I get more and more sad because it means my trip is coming to an end. Technically my trip has been over since four months ago but it feels like I'm in Japan again when I edit these vlogs. For some reason it feels like it's been forever since my trip there and I've been itching to go back. I have had some thoughts about living there for a little while too. Who knows?!

In this vlog, I take you with me to the Kawaii Monster Cafe that is quite popular for tourists. It's an experience you'll only get while in Japan so I do recommend checking it out. We also stopped by the Reissue Cafe which is a place of really cute latte art. Just check it out and see for yourself!


July 31, 2017

Anyone here a fan of anime?

The very first time I watched anime was in the beginning of junior high school. Fruits Basket was the first anime I ever watched and I was hooked. It was a really popular anime at the time so I decided to give it a try, and ever since then, I've been watching anime.

One Piece was introduced to me by my boyfriend and his friend and it is now one of my favorites. Since the Japan crew are all fans of One Piece, we obviously had to make a stop at the One Piece Tower! They have an indoor theme park because this anime is one of the most popular in Japan. Can you believe it? A whole indoor theme park for an anime. I love it.

We spent an entire day there and it was so much fun. If you're into One Piece, you'll enjoy it here. This should be on your bucket list when visiting Tokyo!


July 27, 2017

As I'm getting older, more and more people around me are getting married and having babies which means lots of weddings and baby showers. Typically in these situations, you always go with a gift and a card but I came across Paperless Post which does digital cards and invitations!

Rather than buying a card to give in person, you can now send one instead. I thought the concept was interesting so I gave it a try when they approached me to review their stuff!

I really love the designs that they have. Everything there matches with my aesthetics. The great thing is you can customize a lot of the cards or invitations to however you want them to be. The process is incredibly simple - you choose the card you like, click customize, and input the text that you wish to have on the card, and then send it to the person you want it to go to! Simple, right?

They're also great if you want to send thank you and birthday cards. They have some really cute designs for that too so I love. I've tried sending a few to friends and I really liked the simple process so I'll definitely be using them again the next time an occasion comes up.

If you're the type of person that prefers having a hard copy of the cards in front of you, they do print the cards as well. The best part is you can customize the card to however you like and then have it shipped to you. This can be a good option, especially if you're one that likes to saves the cards for memories.


July 23, 2017

In this Japan episode, my friends and I visit Kyoto for two days!

The vibe of the city is definitely different to Tokyo. While there are areas that resembles a noisy city, there are a bunch of places in Kyoto that take you back to the old times. The streets and architecture is really interesting to see.

Since our time was limited, we were only able to visit a few touristy spots. It was so much fun feeding monkeys and we were able to see a little geisha girl at the bamboo forest. Watch to see more of my trip to Kyoto!
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