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1. Zara bag ($70): I thought I wouldn't buy another handbag after having my baby Bal but after some careful thinking, I would like an affordable alternative that I wouldn't be scared of getting dirty with. This bag is spacious enough to fit the things I need, especially for school since I don't carry binders but smaller sized notebooks. I love the shape and the shoulder strap as I'm more of a shoulder strap kind of gal. Does this remind anyone of the CĂ©line trapeze? Just a tad?

2. White Moleskine ($23): Moleskine's have always been my go-to journals to purchase because of their good quality paper. It's great for being used as a planner/reminder book or a journal for your personal thoughts. Don't forget to add your 10% off for students on ASOS when purchasing!

3. H&M nail polish ($5): H&M is having 'buy two get one free' for nail polishes but this is only an in-store deal (as far as I know). They have one of the best nail polishes I've ever bought as they apply smoothly and take very fast to dry. Their color selection is never ending.

4. MAC Candy Yum Yum ($15): I'm interested in their new bright color and since I love the quality of their lipsticks, why not? I still haven't seen how it looks on me but I think this is flattering on many people. The color is great for the Spring/Summer but I think it would look great in the Fall as well.

5. JC Everly Boot ($195): When I first saw these, I didn't have the feeling of 'oh my goodness I need these in my life' but that has changed. After seeing it on other people, I liked it a lot more and I loved how effortless it looked when paired with outfits. I was a bit iffy about cut out boots in the beginning when they were really getting popular because I felt that I couldn't wear them in the winter but I don't care. I'm wearing socks with them anyway. A big pro for me is they're easy to put on and take off. Chic but comfortable. 

6. H&M circle scarf ($12): I used to have this until I left it at a friend's place which I won't be getting back any time soon. So, I'm buying it again. The reason why I'm coming back to this scarf is because of how comfortable and warm it is. A lot of circle scarves tend to be heavy and puts too much pressure around my neck and shoulders, which makes this scarf absolutely perfect. 

7. H&M beanie ($10): For the Fall/Winter, beanies are an essential. They keep your ears warm, your hair is protected by the rain/snow, and you look cute while doing it. Since I'll be moving around a lot, a beanie is great for that purpose. I've never really done well with hats so I'm hoping I'll get lucky with this one.

8. Zara tote ($36): Love at first sight is what happened when I laid my eyes on this beauty. It's simple, spacious, useful, and so many other things that I can list but I won't. This bag reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull but I prefer this over the Louis. It's affordable and I would love to use this for weekends away or for small trips where I don't want to carry a suitcase. I'd probably use this for school every once in a while when I have more to carry. There are two inner pockets and an attached pouch making it easier to store important things away. 
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