Summer is slowly coming to an end. The countdown for school begins. Time passes by so fast once you're no longer five years old and wishing to grow up. A few of my cutie friends and I went to Coney Island for some movies on the beach. I've always wanted to watch a movie outdoors. Guess that's one thing to cross off my bucket list.

Since finding out Grimaldi's is now open on Coney Island, we had to go. My first time wasn't as good as my second time and I'm glad I gave it a second chance. We got a regular and a white pizza and the white pizza was my favorite. It was topped with mushroom and bacon - the best combo ever. 

There are just weeks before school starts again and another chapter begins in my life. I don't want to get excited just yet but the excitement is beginning to grow. Not everyone knows what's happening but before I know it, I'll be revealing it on here! Stay tuned!
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