Just like that, summer is gone and soon we'll be clinging onto our winter coats and wearing boots to keep our toes snug.

(warning: content may not make sense as it is more of a general, but personal post)

These last few days (or should I say weeks) have been a bit tough considering the amount of stress I've been dealing with and I don't do very well with stress. I become a weird person that I don't really want to become. Life is hard but I'm trying to get through it one step at a time. If it isn't one step at a time, I think I'd literally go batshit crazy. I've come to a realization that I need to say goodbye to some things as they are dragging me into the darker corners of hell and I don't wish to stay there forever. 

This is a post where I say goodbye to those things I wish could've turned out okay, but didn't. It was a fun ride with you and we had our good times but some people come into your life the same way seasons come and go. This is also where I say goodbye to an older version of me, an unpolished piece of my young growing self. I am on the path to becoming better and I want to take this time to send my baggage off. My baggage was a familiar place and who doesn't love something familiar? There's security in familiarity. 

I've already taken action on my journey to self discovery and I'm very happy about it. As good as it is to feel familiarity and to be in that comfort zone, it is also good to step out of it and become something much greater than you were a year, or even five years ago. I've been preparing this farewell for a while now and I can say that I've come to peace with my decision. It's always hard to say goodbye to something that was a good part of your life, but sometimes we must make decisions that are best for both parts, even if it doesn't feel great doing so. 

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