Kate Spade Saturday v-neck | American Apparel modal shawl | F21 crochet shorts | ASOS chelsea booties | Balenciaga Classic City bag | Casio watch

Lately I've been more tired than usual but I can't put my finger on what is making me so drained. On tired and lazy days where I'm mainly looking for comfort, I usually lean towards simple, casual, and comfortable wear. Nothing can beat a v-neck t-shirt and some cute but comfortable crochet shorts. It was a good outfit for a day of (too much) bowling. 

I've also decided to start on this "project" to better myself, which is to stop shopping. There's no guarantee that I won't be clicking away on online shops but I told myself to really try hard not to. My spending habits need to be more tamed because I will go haywire if I don't watch myself. I've been spending a bit more than I want to and I don't want this to become a severe shopping addiction. Bad habits should be fixed sooner than later! So to all the shopaholic ladies out there, spend wisely! 
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