Is it just me or are 'what's in my bag' videos/posts super interesting? I love seeing what people have in their bags but I don't understand why. Weird, isn't it? The things in my bag varies depending on what I have to do that day so I decided to show a more essentials type of post. These are the things I usually carry around in my bag, no matter the occasion.

This is my new Kate Spade Saturday wallet that I love to bits. When I saw them come out with the olive green, I knew I had to get it. Before this I was using my mom's vintage Chanel wallet but since I'm going away soon, I don't want to bring that in case it gets stolen. This is perfect and it's made of real leather. It's super soft that I can't stop touching it. One of my new babies for sure (hehe).

I got this in one of the stands near 14th Street for $5. What a bargain! These are perfect for days where I don't want to be bothered by people, which is everyday, and I like the fit on my petite and chubz face. 

Summer means mosquito bites, sometimes dry skin from the sun, and lots of germs from traveling around the subways and etc. The Bite MD mosquito stick is a life saver and I recommend it to anyone who has been bitten by those little devils. I also carry allergy eye drops since I've suddenly acquired minor allergies this summer. And no one can go wrong with travel sized hand sanitizer and hand cream!

Here's everything I always carry in my bag. An iPhone charger is a must for days where no one has one around. I always have my school ID with me though I don't need it, as well as my two cute lipsticks. One of them is from Cats Wink in Strawberry, and the other is the color media from MAC. Also, I can't forget my ovary killers cause I don't want to end up 20 and pregnant. If I'm gonna be famous, I don't want to be famous for getting knocked up. (FYI: birth control pills don't actually kill your eggs/ovaries)

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