Fake nails could not be passed up when I saw the design of these! And girl, only around two euros for a pack? Why the hell not?! 

My Anastasia Brow Wiz ran out mid vacation so I haven't been able to fill in my brows. I thought maybe an eyebrow pencil from Primark wouldn't be too bad since it's less than two euros and I'll be buying the brow wiz once I return home. Surprisingly, it works pretty well on my brows! The nail polish remover is also a miracle saver considering how lazy I am when it comes to taking off polish. It also saves you the cotton that gets stuck on your nails.

Saw this necklace and thought "Layer, layer, layer!" It was only three euros and I loved how it looked on.

Primark is a wonderful place for my wallet since things are never too expensive and affordable. I went in there initially looking for some cute undies, but came out with a bit more than expected.

Tell me this bag isn't cute and I'll say you're lying. I snatched this babe off the racks as soon as I saw it. It has a Celine-esque feel and I love the size for when I'm going out and not wanting to carry too much. This bag was only 9 EUROS. I was like hell yeah.
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