Forever 21 denim jacket + jeans | H&M tee | eBay wedges | Louis Vuitton bag (hand-me-downs are the best!)

The weather for the past three days have been so bipolar, I didn't how to feel. What do I wear?! Do I wear a jacket? Do I not wear a jacket? A long or short sleeve? The questions seemed endless and I'm still in the midst of fashion-block; a serious case of not knowing what to wear.

 I was finally able to wear my wedges out and mind you, I've had them for nearly half a year already and they were never showcased to the public of all its glory. These were the lusted Stella McCartney dupes and I still love them. What I love most about this pair is how comfortable it is. Since it's a wedge, there isn't as much of an arch so it's easier to walk in. I got complimented on them today, too! 

And hand-me-downs? Don't even get me started. My mom always has these little gems waiting for me, whether it's vintage jewelry or a handbag she used to have. The little Louis right here is one of her sweet hand me downs. I've been having a thing for mini bags and thin straps so this is perfect. Thank you Mama!
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