NewLook jacket / Asos heels / H&M trousers + top

Today was a busy day, from a school field trip to going to an interview, and from interview going to eat late lunch. No doubt, lots of walking - and it killed my feet. My ASOS heels are usually my go-to for interview days because of their small heel, but never again. My poor toes need some shoe time-out to rest cause they definitely feel like they were going to fall off from my feet. A positive from this experience? I bought Mickey Mouse bandaids at CVS. What a score, right? I was also able to hear great news tonight and let me tell you... I could not hold in my screams! Sadly I am not going to say what exactly happened for confidentiality reasons, but maybe in the future. Let's just say, ya girl is growing up and moving on to big things!

Oh! And yes, I have grandma hair now.
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