Zara leather jacket - Forever 21 blouse & denim - ASOS heels 

Has anyone been feeling under the weather lately cause it definitely seems like it's that time of year. Everyone around me seems to be feeling ill and I wasn't feeling all too well myself either. Even though I was feeling all meh, I still managed to drag myself up to get dressed and celebrate my dad's birthday. 

It's very important that his birthday is celebrated because I live with the mindset that tomorrow is not guaranteed. What if there is no next birthday? You might think I'm thinking too negatively, but it reminds me not to take these important things for granted. Family is important and is something that is tremendously valued in Chinese culture, which is what I was taught growing up. With so much that has happened in my family, I've learned to make the most of these times, cherishing as much as I can before it's all gone. 

Getting a bit deep and personal, but true. Tell your parents you love them! It won't be something you'll regret. 

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