The big trend this season *drumroll please* are bomber jackets. I'm sure it is no surprise to many people as it has been seen on almost everyone, including myself. They're a great way to layer and edgify (I totally just made that word up) an outfit while still remaining comfortable for your lazy days.

F21 bomber & sweats / Zara v-neck tee / H&M ankle boots

My outfit was thrown on in a hurry since my manpal was rushing me to get ready. Throwing on a bomber is a quick and easy solution to making an outfit less boring. The bomber jacket I'm wearing is from Forever 21 a year ago, but there are a lot of these bad boys going around in stores like H&M and Zara. Pairing them with neutrals is as simple as it gets, especially when you're not really looking at what you're grabbing from your closet.

Since we had some errands to do, we decided to bring my best friend Mika aka my puppy. I love bringing her out with us but it's hard to do it often since many places don't allow pets. If only it wasn't that way...

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