Dress - Nastygal

A few weeks ago, I was lucky to be invited to the Asian American Arts Alliance gala by Uncle Alex. It was located at the TriBeca Rooftop and the view was amazing. The Freedom Towers are right behind me in some of the photos and it was breathtaking. May I add, the food was superb.

My brother and boyfriend came with me that night and we were picked up by a limo, which I sadly don't have pictures of. It was way too dark by then, but it was such a nice gesture from Uncle Alex. There were three other people already inside the limo so we made friends and had a funny night together. A funny moment was when we got really thirsty and poured coke in classy champagne glasses since there was nothing else to pour it in. I mean, why not right? It was really fun and now I'm getting myself in the mood for some yummy string beans.

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