The long search for a hat is finally over. I have finally found the one. The One. It was a very spontaneous trip to H&M today. My last class had been cancelled, I did well on my presentation just minutes before, so I was feeling good. Why not celebrate with a little shopping? I didn't go in thinking I'd find anything since a lot of the things in stores these days haven't been interesting enough, but then there it was - the spiked hat with a medium wide brim.

I've been trying on hats wherever I can find them and they were never flattering on me. I think my face is weirdly shaped for hats and makes me look like a fat potato so it made the search even harder. This one, though, I like. Seriously, I was so happy the moment I put it on and I just knew. I felt it in my bones. Dramatic but you don't understand how long I've been searching for a good hat. Maybe today was my lucky day and the hat gods have finally answered my prayers.

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