Zara coat // H&M t-shirt + leggings // Sheinside sweater // Chanel bag

There wasn't much to do today, though I should have really caught up on some work but being the procrastinator queen that I am, I will probably hold off on it until as late as possible. I finally went to watch Big Hero 6 today and it was such a good movie. My brother kept bugging me to watch it telling me how good it was and it really was good - funny, too. Since I wasn't going anywhere or doing much, I dressed in the coziest and simplest way, which is throwing on a t-shirt and some leggings. The sweater added warmth and the coat gave it a chic look, especially while I'm carrying a Chanel hand me down from my dear mama. She lets me wear her fabulous things :)

For those who don't know, I'm doing VLOGMAS this year which is me recording my life every day until the end of the month (I think - or the end of Christmas) so feel free to subscribe to my channel for some of that good stuff!

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