I stumbled across a Groupon a while back that offered $20 for $40 value at American Apparel, or a $40 for $80 value voucher. My brother was sweet enough to buy me a $20 for $40 voucher as a Christmas present (mind you he's 12 years old so that's so sweet!) and I ended up purchasing the $80 value for myself. That's pretty much getting 50% off! 

At first I was thinking of trying on different things but ended up purchasing the Fisherman pullover. I already have on in oatmeal and loved it but have always wanted one in grey so I thought why not? Plus, it's unisex so that means me, my manfriend, and my little brother can share this. I just killed three birds with one stone - hell yeah. I'm so nice, right? 

This may be weird for some people but I have no boundaries so I'm showing you these cute panties I got. Seriously I've reconsidered my shopping habits on whether or not I should just spend money on intimates instead of clothes cause why the hell not? But then again I can't give up clothes. They're too beautiful. 

I liked these panties because it seemed to be able to not show too many lines when wearing certain pants. Fellow gals can understand that struggle when our pants are a bit too transparent and our panty lines are having a party for the world to see. This is perfect for this types of pants and since they're shirred, they shape your butt really nicely. Time to take butt selfies!

I also ended up picking the cross back bra because I'm really into bralettes these days instead of actual bras with underwires. It's so uncomfortable and being petite, bralettes give more room and breathing space. Set them free! It also looks real cute with the panties I bought. I might go back and get a white version of this bra too.

Since I had a few bucks left, the girl told me I can get a nail polish so I chose this one thinking it was a light grey... Turns out it's not a light grey but a light blue. I swear to god I am color blind or something. The photo doesn't show the blue as much but I'm telling you... It's blue. I guess I'll exchange it for a different color since I have something similar already.

Buy the stuff here:

Every time I buy the voucher, I think of all these things I want but once I get to the store, I never walk out with what I intended to buy. At first I had my eyes on the turtleneck fisherman sweater but I think they changed the style of it and I'm not that into it anymore. It used to be longer and more like a dress but now it just looks like a regular sweater. Poop. But I'm more than happy with my purchases today and can't wait to wear them. 

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