How I met my dearest child, Mika.

I remember when I was younger, I begged my dad to get us a dog but my mom was always against it. Her reasoning was "I'm going to be the one to take care of it and I'm already taking care of you guys." She had a valid point since I didn't know too much about responsibilities at that age. I even remember one time we were SO close to getting a puppy. My dad and I were at the pet store looking at them and he said to me, "If your mom says yes, we'll get one." Uh, did I hear what I thought I heard? But of course, mother dearest shattered my dreams with a big NO.

Since then, I gave up the idea of having a dog because it didn't seem like a realistic dream anymore. It only became more realistic when Vinny and I started dating. To be honest, we were absolutely spontaneous about the whole experience because we entered the shop just to look at the cuties, not to buy. (Don't buy from pet shops! It supports puppy mills and they're no bueno. I didn't know any better at the time.) What ended up happening was we fell in love with this Yorkie baby and put a $200 deposit to bring her home the next day. Talk about being spontaneous, am I right?

That night I went home and told my parents, "So....we put a $200 non-refundable deposit on this dog. Can you drive us there tomorrow to pick her up?" Laugh. Out. Loud. They didn't really yell at me except for saying that I should've asked first, which I really should've, but they also seemed to easily accept the fact that we're going to have a new family member.

A dog is a human's best friend and she's definitely mine. She sleeps with me and follows me around the house like she's my shadow. We laugh together and cuddle together. She's so fun to mess with. My entire family loves her, too. Don't even get me started with my mom. She's the one that loves her to death. She spoils her way more than she spoils me. Even though Mika can get on my nerves at times, she's still my lovable best friend for life. It makes me sad to think that the max life she'll be with me is when I hit 30. I try not to think about it and make the most of my time with her now. I love her to bits.

Oh, and she just turned three on 01/16!
Time flies by so fast...

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