Kohl's coat •  Zara tee • eBay sweater • H&M boots • Alexander Wang bag

Da bae was craving for Little Sheep which is Mongolian hotpot located in Flushing, NY. They have lunch specials from 12pm-3pm and it's really worth it because I always get so full afterwards. I love their broth and meat here - way better than a lot of other hotpot places. You get to choose what broth you want, and meats, so we chose the half and half broth. I chose Angus beef and he chose lamb. So good. SO good.

My new thigh high boots came in just this morning, too! I was in the middle of getting ready and the mailman comes ringing at my doorbell with my package. I saw these on the H&M website and really loved how they looked. The heel isn't too high so it's good for everyday use. I guess you can say it was a good day.

I'm thinking about a steak for her in place of a birthday cake? :P

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