New year new planner, y'all. It's time to throw away the old and buy a new one. There are so many choices! For those who have never used a planner, go out and buy one - you won't regret it. Planners really help me get my life together because I can be forgetful and sometimes there's just too much on my plate. 

The one I'm currently using is the Moleskine planner and my favorite thing about this is the layout. It has enough space to write things for each day but on the right, there is a notes section where you can jot down more info. Planners usually don't give you too much space so I found it super useful. They have different versions and sizes so you can choose which one fits you best. 

I haven't used the Kate Spade and Sugar Paper planners before but I've seen them in action and they're really cute. They have so much writing space and it looks so cute. The Kate Spade one might be a bit bulky for my taste since I wouldn't want my bag to weigh more than it needs but it's just too cute. As for the Sugar Paper planner - I love! It's thin, light, cute, and does the job. I was really tempted to buy it in stores but I already have a perfectly fine planner to use at home. Ya girl over here is trying to be careful with her spending but now I'm having second thoughts about leaving that planner behind...

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