"Love and appreciate your parents. We are often so busy growing up, we forget they are also growing old."

I still remember when I used to call my dad at the restaurant every night before going to bed to wish him good night. I'd always ask on the phone, "Can I talk to my dad please?" and I'd hear him pick up with the background noise of people conversing over dinner. "Bonne nuit Papa," I'd say and he'd say "Bonne nuit Fionna, ma cherie." (Well, he called me by my Chinese name but I can't write Chinese.) This happened every night, religiously, to the point where every worker was able to say it too. Looking back on it, when did I stop?

Growing up is such a weird thing. We stop doing things we'd usually do like saying good night without even realizing that we had stopped. Being in my early 20's, it seems to be a time where everyone's trying to mark their footprints in the world, filling up their schedules with work, and having the mindset that money must be made. It becomes easy to forget the ones who stick by us no matter what because we think they'll always be standing behind the scenes with their hands held open to hold us if we fall backwards. 

I forget, sometimes, that my mom and dad are growing old. When I take a break from all the growing up, I take a real look at my parents faces and see how much they've aged. The lines on their faces have become more defined and their white hairs are beginning to greet old age. I see how much time has gone by, how much time has changed me, and how much time has changed them. 

And even then, after all this time, they never ask for anything back.

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