1. H&M turtleneck sweater | 2. H&M faux fur coat | 3. Cheap Monday cropped sweater
4. Benefit's Watt's up! highlighter | 5. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade | 6. Tarte & Benefit mascaras

H&M turtleneck
 When it's too cold to handle, I opt for fuzzy turtlenecks to keep me warm. Best thing about this? I got it for $7! This was such a lucky find because what's more worth it than paying $7 for a sweater?!

H&M faux fur coat 
This huge faux fur coat makes any of my outfits super chic and is one of my warmest winter coats. I can always count on this (and a little down jacket underneath) to keep me alive. Gotta stay fabulous, am I right?

Cheap Monday cropped sweater 
I love grey knits. I have no idea what it is about grey knits but I'm instantly drawn towards them more than other colors. By now I have a good selection of them, too. Really wondering where this little obsession came from...

Benefit's Watt's up! highlighter 
One of the few beauty products I own and love. For days I want to make myself look more awake, I add a little highlighter on the bridge of my nose and the top of my cheeks. It doesn't seem too visible where your face is glittering like Edward in the sun from Twilight so it's just the right amount of bling. on the face.

Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade
Hearing so many good reviews, I had to try this for myself. I've always used Anastasia's brow products so I was sure it would be another amazing product. I love it! With this, it's buildable (not a word, but whatever) and I like products that give me that extra legroom to work with.

Tarte & Benefit mascaras 
For my eyelashes, I've been using this combo after curling them with my H&M eyelash curler. I use the Tarte mascara first since it defines and lengthens my lashes and follow up with the Benefit mascara to give it more volume. 

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