Who loves stationary? I do! When I was in elementary school, I would always be super excited when it was time to buy school supplies and Target would have an entire section just for it. Picking out the perfect pens, the perfect notebooks, and the perfect binders made me all giddy inside. Even now I'm constantly buying notebooks and journals. My problem? I can never finish them. I've stopped buying notebooks I don't need but finally found a need to go into Muji and pick up a few things.

I wanted a notebook to organize my thoughts, ideas, and goals which is what the black notebook is for. The black one is the A5 and I love how simple and chic it looks. The small brown one is for a gift idea that I am planning on doing for my boyfriend :) Still not 100% what I'm going to do with it yet but maybe i'll show you guys the end result. And of course, one can't leave Muji without buying one of their pens. I'm really picky when it comes to pens but Muji really has good quality ones to choose from. Yay to new stationary!

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