You may be thinking that I've worn this outfit before but that's because it is the same outfit as this one! I hate when I'm out taking shots of my outfits and there's so many photos to choose from. I can't choose! But one thing's for sure - I've been wearing these jeans on repeat. I'm usually not a denim person but with the boyfriend and mom jeans trends, I'm hooked! They're super comfy and stylish. What more could I ask for? I've also learned not to wash denim too often because it'll only damage the color and fabric. It's best to wear them a few times before throwing them in the wash. Some people like to wash their denim cause it becomes tighter so it fits better, but there's a trick to do that without washing! You place your jeans in a plastic bag and throw them in the freezer overnight. After that, it should fit a lot better. Or so my professor said.

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