Today we spontaneously ended up at the Brooklyn Piers. My friends and I visited the piers before it had become so popular and wow, things have really upgraded! There used to be limited parking spaces but they've created more parking at $2 an hour. Not bad considering it's city parking. I love walking around the piers because it's so relaxing. On days when it's not crowded, it's especially relaxing. We brought Mika out with us today too so it was a fun treat. 

Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads the little text under the photos. A lot of times I think people don't, which is totally fine cause do what you want, but I thought I'd get a little deep into conversation tonight. You know, open up a little of my mind on the internet. How dangerous.

I've been very confused is a good way to put it. Whether it's what I want to do with my life or how I want my blog to be like - I am confused. To the very core, I think endlessly and it sometimes drives my own mind wild. I'm sure a lot of people in their 20's have similar thoughts of what they want to do with their lives, or what steps they need to take next to further themselves into this world. I wish I had some guidance but not everyone walks the same way in life. Even now, as I'm typing this, I feel like I'm at a loss for words in describing the negative bubble I've been surrounding myself in. Everything I do, I criticize myself harshly for because it could be so much better but it's not. The outcomes are not coming out to what I want them to be and it's frustrating. It's scary being in your 20's because I have no fucking clue as to what I am doing. I feel like I don't know where to go from here. I wish I knew. I really do. But there's nothing else I can do but to channel the negative energy and make something positive out of it. I just have to get up and get out of this bubble and find my way. Everyone has their negative phases but there's always a way out. Right?

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