I'm wearing a bomber jacket from eBay, F21 tank and leggings, and Adidas superstar sneakers

Life has been crazy this past week because guess who had the stomach flu?! I want to begin by saying that the entire experience was absolutely, 100% not enjoyable, and I felt like I was being tortured by life or something. The stomach pains were on a whole new level this time and it drained the energy out of me. I could barely walk at times and if I moved just a little bit, it could trigger another round of those pains and I would relive the same cycle. It was hell, that's for sure. Nothing makes you appreciate good health like being sick and boy am I appreciative for being healthy. Well, almost healthy since I'm not fully recovered just yet. I'm almost better but my tummy is still sensitive so I'm waiting for the day when all of this is over and I can eat anything I cast my eyes on cause it's going to be some real shit.

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