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Wanna have a chill lunch with friends over some good food and beer? Phebe's Tavern is a pretty good place to go to just for that. Initially we were supposed to go to Smorgasburg but had no luck in finding parking so we decided to come here since one of our friends really loves their beer. The decor of the place is really cute and spacious so it's great for groups. They also have booths near the front of the restaurant where it's next to open windows for some fresh air. We ordered a few drinks like their Trolley cocktail and the others ordered beers. Their Trolley cocktail was said to taste a bit like piƱa colada and it did. The alcohol was strong in all the drinks, too. For me that's a bit too much since I don't really enjoy alcohol too much - yeah, yeah judge me all you want - but for those who like that, it's great for you. It also means they're not cheap on their liquor! One of their more disappointing drinks is their iced tea. It tasted more like water with a little drop of tea and lemon. I regretted ordering it cause it felt like such a waste of money.

As for the food, we ordered a spinach artichoke dip with chips and the Phebe's Blackjack burger. I got the burger in medium rare and it was cooked perfectly. The burger was so juicy and delicious but it was too bad I wasn't able to taste too much of the Jack Daniel's sauce. The spinach artichoke dip was delicious though. It was addicting because it was that good. I would definitely recommend that if you're unsure of what to order from here. 

I'd rate this place a 4/5 stars. The interior was really cute and I enjoyed the booths with the open windows. Customer service was good and we didn't have any issues with our waitress. The food was yummy and we were all full and satisfied by the end of our meal. Just don't order their iced teas.

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