↪ Queens Night Market 
 47-01 111th Street Corona, NY 11368

A few months back there was news that a night market was happening in Queens, NY. Everyone was super excited and ready to try it and I was definitely one of those people. The night market started from 6pm-12am so we went around 9pm and it was pretty decently packed with people. It was a good thing there was free parking and the fact that we were able to find spots since the website stated parking was limited and there may not be spots. SCORE! 

I ended up trying out the pork over rice from one of the stands which I totally forgot to take photos of because I had no free hands and I wanted to eat. It was pretty good for a small little to-go bowl for $5. We also got some squid skewers that were really popular and tasted pretty good for $3 a stick. There were other things too like shark sandwiches, takoyaki, crepes, tacos, and more. I'd say the amount of vendors they had was pretty good considering how I heard opening night was a bit anti-climactic. Since then, many more restaurants and small businesses have been signing up to be vendors at the night market so hopefully there'll be more to come. 

Overall I'd give this place a 4/5 stars because I had a pretty good time. The food was good depending on the stand you went to but it was nice just walking around and looking at new things to try. I'm hoping they can continue this for the entire summer and that they'll have more vendors coming in. For those who are in New York and have been wanting to try, go! It's a fun time with friends or family :) 

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