I'm wearing a H&M leather vest and jeans, Zara crop top, Adidas sneakers, and eBay sunnies

For some reason I've been so into wearing denim lately, especially this pair I bought a year ago when I was in Paris for study abroad. These are super form fitting and stretchy so it makes wearing them really comfortable. I love the fit and look of it so much. Funny how some things sit in our closets for months but out of nowhere they become a daily favorite. Also super, super, super in love with my new Adidas sneakers which I will probably post about soon. It deserves its own post haha

We went to Target and Bed Bath & Beyond today since the boo wanted a sensor garbage can. What a weird thing to want, seriously. Out of nowhere he tells me that he wants one and was on the hunt for it but we had no luck when visiting the stores. Instead, we walked out with a bunch of stuff we didn't think we were going to buy when we were at Target. Typical. Who doesn't walk out of Target with random things they weren't expecting to buy?

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