Yesterday I posted a video onto my YouTube channel of the closet confidential tag and it asked me to show three of my current favorites. I thought I would share with you guys here in case you haven't watched the video yet (you can watch it here). I'm usually someone who uses the crap out of something if I'm really in love with it and these three items are definitely put into good use.

My Zara bag was gifted to me by my boyfriend and I am really in love with it. I'm totally with the whole mini/micro bag trend that's happening right now. When I saw this at Zara, I felt like I needed this baby in my life. Of course I'd rather buy myself a Chanel WOC, which is on my list of what bag to get next, but not everyone always has the funds to do that. So, the best alternative is to find something more on the affordable side that still matches my taste. It fits a good amount of stuff despite it being mini and I love the thin buckle strap. I love bags with this kind of strap over the others. 

Next favorite has to go to my Levi's 501 denim shorts. I bought this while I was in Paris studying abroad. I was walking around and found a cool vintage store with soooo many of these shorts. I was so happy that I bought two pairs. One is in a lighter shade of blue and the other is in a slightly darker shade. I wear the crap out of these if you haven't noticed by now. A lot of my outfit posts feature these babies because when it comes to summer in NY, I just want to be comfortable without dying to this heat. And not to mention these shorts are super versatile, also giving an effortless chic vibe.

My last favorite has to go to these Adidas superstars that everyone and their mom has. I'm not the type to care if everyone has a certain item cause if I like it, I'm going to buy it. These go so well with so many different outfits and that's what I love about them. They're also super comfy for me so that's definitely a huge plus. Luckily I have petite feet so I bought these in a kids size 3. I'm probably going to get another pair when this one wears out on me but if you haven't bought these yet and they're still on your wishlist, I definitely recommend getting them!

What are your current top 3 faves?

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