↬ Burger & Lobster ↫
39 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

The three of us met at different times in our lives, but we managed to end up at Burger & Lobster eating lunch together. I met Chryzl (on the left) in high school and met Vanessa (on the right) through mutual friends a year or two ago. Then we realized we all knew each other and the rest was history. We planned lunch to catch up and update on each other's lives and I'm so happy we did. Girl talk is the best with girlfriends you click with. It's also been a long time since I've seen Chryzl. We were close in high school so it was cute. Vanessa was cute too, obviously.

Moving onto the topic of food... This restaurant is great for lobster lovers. None of us ordered the burgers because why would you order a burger when you can get a whole lobster?! We all ordered whole lobsters since it seemed the most bang for our buck - only $20 with a side of neglected salad and delicious fries. Uh, yes please! Their lemon garlic sauce was bomb too so if you're a lobster fanatic like me, I highly recommend trying this place. Not to mention, their customer service was great! I'm definitely coming back again.

As for more girl dates, that is for sure happening.

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