I'm wearing a Zara leather jacket

I thought I would make a mini series of what I think are closet essentials. My first closet essential would have to be the leather jacket. The leather jacket is super versatile. It can be paired with a smart outfit, a casual outfit, or even a girly outfit. Want a more edgy vibe? Just put on your favorite leather jacket and you're good to go. It instantly makes one's outfit effortlessly chic. This is definitely one of the essentials that I think is worth investing on. Spending $100-$200 on a leather jacket may seem a lot but think about how much use you're going to make of it. In the end, it'll be worth it. My most basic and quick to-go outfit would have to be an all black ensemble with this leather jacket to give it a more edgy vibe. Just like that and my outfit feels complete. 

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