My current work situation at home

Nothing motivates me more than having cute stuff like cute pens, cute keyboard covers, cute everything. Recently I got a new case that says 100% boy tears and I find it hilarious. I first saw it all over Instagram and loved how cute it was. Every time I get a new case, I get really obsessed with my phone. I also bought a perfume bottle (yes, it says Chanel on it) battery pack that can charge my iPhone. Is it not the cutest thing? The battery pack can charge up to 8 hours so it'll come in handy when my phone is struggling to stay alive at 1%. You can buy it on eBay for those who are interested. My keyboard is also decked out in this pretty floral print that I purchased from Amazon. I hate having oily keys and ended up not liking the silicone keyboard covers since it collects dust so I found this perfect chic alternative. 

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  1. Love those sunglasses�� where are they from ?


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