I'm wearing a Rainbow cropped hoodie, Levi's shorts, Zara belt, gifted shoes, Zara bag, and a Forever21 hat

A few days ago I found a super good deal on this awesome Forever21 hat. It was only $12 and fell in love with it so I bought the brown one too. Normally I don't buy hats because I think I don't look good in them, but after trying these on, I didn't think they were too bad. I've always wanted to wear hats because I think it really gives an edgy vibe to outfits which is perfect for days when you're wearing something simple. Not gonna lie but it's also great for day two hair or when you're too lazy to wash it. That's pretty much me today. It was a combination of laziness and wanting to keep my hair healthy so I was able to put my new hat into good use. I was in a dilemma for about thirty minutes though because I wasn't sure if I should wear the hat since hats don't look good on me. Thirty minutes, guys. Thirty minutes. I ended up wearing it and I regret nothing. If anything, I can't wait to wear them more often! (It also makes me feel a little bit like Pharrel hehe)

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