I'm wearing a H&M top and boots

Hey all! A lot has been happening lately and I haven't updated the blog or my social media outlets in a while. I thought this could be a bit of an updates post for a change. During the summer, it's harder for me to take photos of my outfits because I stay over at my boyfriend's house. My room has no air conditioning and it is a damn oven in there when summer comes around. The solution to not being cooked alive in there is to either sleep on the living room sofa or go to my boyfriend's house where he has a beautiful air conditioner in his room. Sleeping in the living room isn't so bad but it's hell when it's early in the morning and everyone wakes up and starts making the biggest noise. I'd rather have some amazing sleep in a bed at my boyfriend's. Being at my boyfriend's a lot means I have a restriction on choosing what to wear. I can only bring a certain amount of clothes with me and sometimes I fuck up and don't bring enough variety which ends up in me committing the sin of being an outfit repeater. Usually that means I don't have any photos to share because I am wearing the same thing. It's a cycle. Once the weather cools down a bit, I'll be staying at my house more often and get to enjoy my beautiful room that I love so much. 

Recently I had a huge summer cleanse in my room. My room was a mess with clothes everywhere and things super unorganized. That's not how I usually keep it but sometimes I am rushing out of the house and end up making a mess. It adds on. I rearranged my closet, bought some new furniture at IKEA, and now have a clean room. I'm still working on the little details of decorating but that'll take time. I can't wait for the results. Having a huge summer cleanse also means donating and selling a lot of things I no longer want so check out my Depop shop to see if you're interested in anything!

I've also been busy with internships and job hunting. Since I'm not currently in school, I want to fill my time doing internships to gain more experience and knowledge in my field. Just a few days ago I received a reply saying that they want me to join their team! How exciting! I don't really want to mention the company just yet for privacy issues, but maybe after a few months I will. I'm hoping I'll do well and that I can learn a lot from this experience. They seem like a great company to work for and are willing to teach their interns which is what I was looking for. I'm just hoping for an overall great experience. 

As for my side hobbies like blogging and Youtube, I'm hoping to pump out more videos in the next couple of months. I get very self conscious about how my face looks on video and always end up throwing an entire video to the trash bin because of it. It'll also be easier to film in my room when it's not so hot so I don't sweat like a mad man on camera. I'm hoping to do a few lookbooks soon so subscribe to me for when I have new videos up! 

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