I'm wearing a Brandy Melville tank (years ago), Victoria's Secret leggings, Forever21 hat, and JustFab booties

The weather has finally stopped being brolic but it's now raining and gloomy outside. I'm the type of person that gets affected by rain easily because I hate going out in the rain. It's mainly because I always forget my umbrella on the train when I go out and end up walking out of the station without one. Umbrellas don't come cheap! It's also been a while since I could wear an all black outfit, especially with leggings, since wearing black in the summer is like asking to be cooked in your clothes. I forgot how nice leggings feel.

Onto other news, there is something I've been planning recently but I don't want to say what just yet. I know, I know - other bloggers probably say this crap all the time but I really don't want to tell just yet until all is 100% confirmed. So for the next few days, I'll be doing a lot of research and planning away. It's something very exciting and I am planning to document my whole experience on the blog! Hopefully everything I plan will go 80% accordingly cause we all know nothing planned ever really goes 100%. When I do share everything with you guys, I hope you'll find it useful! Until then, my lips are sealed so stay tuned!

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