I'm wearing a balloon hat, Forever21 tee, gifted shoes, and Rayban sunnies

A month ago I was invited to my friend's niece's birthday party which I ended up going a few days ago. I had no idea that it was minions themed until the very last minute, but I'm happy she was super excited about her birthday present. My friends and I went to Toys R Us and found this cute minion fart blaster gun and a minion backpack for her. They even had these two clowns at the party that did face painting and balloons which I totally took advantage of because I am such a kid. My balloon hat kind of looks pirate-ish, or maybe even a gypsy, but I'm not complaining. I thought it would be a little funny to incorporate it into my outfit. They also had cotton candy! I am a sucker for cotton candy since I rarely get them so that was fun. Who would've thought a three year old's minion themed party would be so fun?

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