I'm wearing a Brandy Melville tee and Converse

For the longest time, and I really mean the longest time, I have been wanting this exact shirt. I think the first time I saw this shirt was on a girl's Instagram but someone told me it's from H&M and I couldn't find it in their stores so I had given up. But then I saw it again on a YouTuber and she said she bought it from Brandy Melville so girl, best believe I went to Brandy Melville ASAP. You know that feeling where you really, really, really want something because you think it's so perfect? That was me and this shirt. I felt like it was so effortless, flattering even though it's not body hugging, and super comfortable because of the fabric. It's like wearing your pajamas outside. Thank the shopping gods there were two Brandy Melville stores in SoHo because the first one I went to, they didn't have it. I walked into the second store with super tunnel vision and BAM the shirt was right there. I was so happy I found it, you have no idea. 

I also had a panic moment when I took it out the next day to wear and saw that it was black. The entire time I thought it was a dark navy blue color and thought I had picked the wrong one only to realize I was being blind (or color blind) and had actually picked the right one (LOL!) Typical me.

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