I'm wearing a H&M plaid shirt and shorts, Forever21 top, and JustFab boots

A few days ago, I had some quality time with my gal pal Vanessa (also my photographer of the day) in SoHo. We are both crazy handbag lovers and have been talking about which new bag we should purchase so we decided to go to the stores to see the ones we love most in person! My top three choices are the Celine Nano, Chanel WOC in gold hardware and caviar leather, or the mini Balenciaga Classic city bag. But since I already have the Classic city bag from Balenciaga, I'm leaning more towards the top two choices. I was torn between the Celine or the Chanel but after looking at them in person, I think I've chosen a winner. It's the Celine Nano! 

For people who don't love handbags the way I do won't understand this crazy obsession, but for those who do, I know you get me on a spiritual level right now. There's something about the Celine Nano that's so incredibly perfect and I've really fallen in love with the black smooth leather with gold hardware. It looks great with nearly everything, is light and not heavy to carry around, and fits a good amount of stuff while still being a mini sized bag. The biggest thing is that it can carry my camera inside so I won't have to hold it everywhere I go. Now I'm talking as if I bought it already, but I haven't. It's a slow process of saving up and knowing for sure that this is the one. Right now I think it's the one but who knows what I'll end up loving a month later? I used to think I'd never fall out of love with my Alexander Wang Rocco but here I am being unfaithful and cheating on him. To be quite honest, I don't think I'll be changing my mind.

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