I'm wearing a Forever21 top, H&M skirt, Adidas sneakers, Zara bag

Let me be honest with you all - wearing that faux leather skirt in 90 degree weather was a horrible idea. Wearing anything faux leather in 90 degree weather is usually a pretty bad idea. Faux leather doesn't absorb sweat since it's like a waterproof material. I was sweating way more than I wanted to (TMI) and there was nothing I could do about it. Yeah, gross. I know. Aside from the sweatiness, I loved this outfit I put together. The different textures go well with each other and it's a comfortable look if you don't add in how hot it was that day. I was contemplating on what shoes to wear and thought my Adidas superstars would go well with it since it's black and white as well. And who wouldn't want to wear a comfortable pair of shoes while strolling around in the city?

Can we also talk about how September has already started? This year seems to be zooming past by me and before I know it, it's Christmas. These past few months have been interesting and I am struggling with some things but September has started off really, really well. I received news that I never thought I would receive and feel incredibly grateful and blessed for it. Hopefully things look up from here and the rest of the year will be filled with more blessings. 

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