Staying in kind of day

Excuse the lack of posts this week as I've been cooped up in my own world doing some self reflecting and drowning in my own thoughts. A lot has been happening and I needed some time to myself. On a brighter note, today started feeling like Fall so I took this opportunity to sit outside on the front steps with my yummy milk tea and bae (aka my dog) to enjoy the beautiful weather. I don't even know how long I was out there but Mika sure looks like she could use a nap now.

The rest of the day is spent indoors in my beloved bed with my new favorite sheets from IKEA (get them here). It's a Netflix and chill type of day except I won't be watching Netflix cause I'll be watching my current favorite anime One Piece. Is anyone a fan of this anime too? I'm absolutely obsessed and I've been binge watching for a couple weeks now. 

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