I'm wearing a LULU*S blazer, Forever21 tee and leggings, Adidas sneakers, and sunnies from a street stand

I was really excited for fall weather but instead of it being decently chilly, it was extremely chilly. New York weather is the most bipolar, I swear. Thankfully the weather was decent today and it was warm enough to go out with a blazer jacket. An all-black ensemble seemed to fit my mood best today so that's what I went for. I decided my Adidas would be the perfect touch to the outfit since it'll help make it more casual. 

We didn't do much either so I didn't want to over dress since we were only heading over to our friends for dinner. He was nice enough to make us some delicious steak that I posted onto my Snapchat. If you haven't got me added, my user is fionnababes. The user was made a while ago and it was a user that I used for a lot of things. I got the nickname in junior high school from a close girlfriend of mine at the time but I don't use this name anymore. If only Snapchat let us change our usernames, that would be great. Just like if Twitter would step on it with the editing posted tweets feature. Still waiting for that to happen.

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