I'm wearing a H&M coat and trousers, Zara knit, eBay shoes, and Balenciaga bag

Finding the perfect camel coat has proved to be a struggle. I've been wanting a camel coat since last year but never found the right one so I made it my mission to find the perfect one for this F/W. When I first saw this H&M coat on their website, I really liked it because of the color and structured silhouette. After receiving it in the mail, I was super disappointed because their smallest size (size 2) did not fit me well at all. The coat looked like it was swallowing me up and I was really upset about it because the quality was pretty nice too. Then a few days later, I was in the city and thought I'd stop by H&M and look for this coat in their stores. I thought maybe the one I got was made weird and another would fit better and it did! The only problem now is I sometimes feel the coat looks slightly big on me and doesn't fit perfectly. You know how when you wear something and feel like it's absolutely perfect? I'm not 10000% sure I feel that way about this coat. I'm still keeping my eyes out for another camel coat in case it's truly the perfect one, but what do you guys think about this one? Is it too big? Is it not perfect enough? Should I keep it? Tell me what you think!

My shoe also ended up breaking which explains the missing strap on my left shoe. Just my luck! 

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