Sports bras from Calvin Klein

They have finally arrived!!! We have all seen these sports bras all over the place and now I'm a proud owner of them thanks to my boyfriend (hehe). I only got the grey and black one this time but I'm hoping to get the white one in the future too. Their bottoms were all sold out in my size so I wasn't able to get any of the panties. When they arrived, the sports bras looked really small and I thought I was going to have to exchange it for a size up. But once I tried them on, they weren't tight at all. I've heard people say these bras are super comfortable and they seriously are. For some reason I thought the bras were a cotton material but they're actually stretchy and waterproof so even better. Ugh, now I want to wear them for days but I don't want to ruin them at the same time. You know when you get new things you really like and you take care of them like crazy? But after a few weeks you're just like eh whatever? That's me right now. 

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