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The holiday season is coming upon us and I won't lie. I'm excited. I've never been as excited about Thanksgiving so I feel especially hyped for some reason. Maybe because there's a lot of plans going on this year and I feel like I'm in a better place emotionally and mentally. I'm super excited to pig out this Thanksgiving so best believe I will be finding my fat eating pants. 

I'm also super excited about my feature with CollegeFashionista and Aerie! I already love that Aerie has this whole natural girls, no photoshop philosophy about them which is really inspiring and admirable. They also have really cute stuff. I love this poncho from them because it's crazy comfortable. Since it isn't form fitting, this is perfect for that Thanksgiving belly (haha). I would wear this to sleep or even on a casual day out with friends. 

But don't forget to click on the link HERE and RAD the post so you can show me some love! I would appreciate it very much if you do :) 

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