Everything from Zara. Shoes from Adidas :)

Graphic tees are easily becoming one of my new favorite pieces to wear. They're simple, cute, and fun so who wouldn't be obsessed? I found this cute one from Zara and had to get it because I'm in love with french fries. The tee also has a little black pocket which I thought was so cute. My outfit from top to bottom are actually new items I recently purchased from Zara and I'm in love with everything I bought. This new faux leather jacket has been on my mind for a while now so I'm soooo happy to finally have it in my hands. The faux leather is so soft and the fit is amazing. It fits like a glove. I really like how it sits on me when I wear it and how I can wear it on top of sweaters and hoodies without feeling like my arms are restricted from moving.

I also bought new jeans because I've been wanting a pair that sat at the right length on my ankles, as well as not suffocating my stomach when I eat since jeans can be really tight sometimes. That's the main reason I don't wear my American Apparel easy jeans anymore. But let me tell you that I am obsessed with these Zara jeans! They fit so well and they're so comfortable that I want to buy three more. These jeans are body hugging without feeling like they're too tight on you and it's so comfortable around the tummy area too. I can't stop obsessing over these. The rips on the knees are awesome too but they do stretch a little bit after a day of wear so the knee rips ended up being a little baggy. Who would have thought that Zara made such perfect denim?! 

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