On Halloween Day

Holy hell, it's been a while since I've touched this space. I can explain! Not long ago I was selected to be a juror and had to go to jury duty for about a week. There was no time for me to shoot any of my outfits or if I did have something to upload, I didn't have time to set everything up. Then I also started working which takes up a lot of my time. When I'm back from work, I'm so exhausted and have other things I need to handle so I end up not being able to update again. I'm trying to figure out a better way to manage my time so I can post more often instead of going missing for five days and coming back like "boo!"

Anyway, I didn't dress up or do anything special this Halloween. I wasn't in the mood to do anything extravagant so a chill day of hanging out with friends and eating dinner was enough to satisfy me. The restaurant we wanted to go to wasn't open for dinner yet so we ended up walking around the neighborhood where everyone was in such a friendly Halloween spirit. I ended up doing a little trick or treating with my mini bag as my pumpkin candy bag (LOL!) There were also SO many doggies that I was obsessing over, but the one in the last photo is the winner. His costume is so hilarious and it isn't your normal hot dog costume. Whenever he would walk, the buns on each side would sway from side to side. It was hilarious. 

I do wish to dress up one Halloween so maybe it'll be next year. I want to go all out and not settle for being a witch or a cat cause those are the easiest last minute costumes. I want to go ALL OUT, ya know?

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