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Thanksgiving week is over and boy is my belly over stuffed. Today is Sunday so you can probably guess that I've been lounging around enjoying my life in bed. Well, it wasn't all that unproductive since I went to the gym with my boyfriend to play some racquetball. I have a few photos from my Thanksgiving festivities that I want to share on my blog soon, and when I mean soon, I mean whenever I can get my lazy butt off and edit the photos. I'm hoping to put a video or two together as well but let's see how that goes. I always end up really disappointed with my videos because I can be a perfectionist but I always remind myself that everyone's gotta start somewhere.

I thought I would also end this post with five things I'm grateful for in light of holiday spirit.
  1.  My family: Every family has their fair share of issues and annoyances, but for me, I still love them very much. They're always there for me and looking out for me. It's a bond/love that can't be replaced.
  2. Mika my Yorkie: Since I was a little girl I've been wanting a dog and I'm so glad I finally have a dog in my life. I am trying to be a better owner but I am so incredibly grateful to have her in my life. Just looking at her makes me so happy. I love her lots and she's my precious.
  3. The boyfriend: We have been through a ton of shit together for the past four years and we're nearing five years in a few months. I'm so incredibly grateful for him because of how understanding and patient he is to me. He understands me and is always looking out for me too. We trust each other and get along pretty damn well. Outsiders might think they know our relationship sometimes but they don't know shit. He isn't perfect because who is? But he's pretty damn good in my book.
  4. Good health for all those I care about: Good health is something we easily take for granted but I am very thankful that I'm in good health right now. I am able to move, breathe, and live my life the way I want to. I can enjoy what life has to bring and have fun. 
  5. A roof over my head: A lot of people struggle with having their own place and a lot of people are homeless, but I'm very grateful that I have a place I can stay warm in and call mine. These are the things I wouldn't think about every day like 'damn it's nice to have a house to wake up in today' but I am grateful that I can do that.
Alright, those are my 5 things. What are yours?!

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