Honeybee Patisserie
6514 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11204

This patisserie is one of the newer places that has opened up on Bay Parkway and we finally decided to try it out. We've walked by a few times but never went in. Their whole theme is pretty much French pastries and drinks.

The food: A friend of mine said their green tea puff was good so I ordered myself one too. I enjoyed the cream puff because it wasn't overly green tea flavored or too sweet. There's a hint of red bean in it as well. Vinny and I finished it together and thought it was pretty good. 

The drinks: I also tried their thé des alizés but I didn't like it as much. It's a very light and bland drink. The flavor is very faint and tasted more like water to me. Some people may like this drink if they're into that, but I wasn't. I'm hoping to order a better drink next time. 

Service: Besides that, the customer service was pretty good. The guy working at the time was professional and let me take my pictures haha

Decor: It's a small place but it gives a cozy vibe. The place is definitely more modern compared to the rest of Bay Parkway. They have a cute seating area around the windows so if you want to take one for the gram, make sure you sit there for that perfect natural lighting. The decor isn't out of this world, but it's simple and clean.

I enjoyed this place, but it's not a place I'm obsessed with. I will come back again to try a different drink.

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