I'm wearing a Zara coat and tee, H&M pants, and Adidas superstars

New coats is a different level of happiness for me. There's something about a nice coat that I love so much. Vinny told me he would get me one winter coat every year so you can imagine bells ringing in my head when he said that. I was initially on the hunt for a perfect camel coat, but with my luck, I have not found one. Then, Black Friday happened. We were both browsing the Zara website and this grey coat was on sale. I had thought about buying this coat as my winter coat from him if my hunt for the camel coat failed so it was the perfect timing. I wasn't sure how it was going to fit but it fits like a glove. The quality is really nice as well. It's thick and warm, but not too tight where you can't wear a sweater underneath. It's so pretty and perfect that I don't even want to wear it out, but I can't wait to style it more.

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