I'm wearing a Zara leather jacket, graphic tee, and jeans with H&M boots

Now that Thanksgiving festivities are over, I finally have the time to sit in bed and go through all the photos I've taken these past few days. I've spent a lot of my money this month at Zara (you don't even want to know) and I'm loving everything I bought. When I first saw this leather jacket (faux btw), I was in love. There was something about the silhouette and cut that made me think it was the perfect piece I needed in my wardrobe. I only fell more in love with it after I tried it on. I think I've mentioned about this jacket before but I don't remember if I did so my bad if I'm repeating myself. But really, I am in love with this jacket. I'm also loving these jeans because they're so comfortable. I really want to buy more jeans from them since I'm having such a good experience with this pair. As for the graphic tee, I love it too. What don't I love? The tee is super soft and a basic that can easily match with a lot of other outfits. 

There's still a bunch of things coming in the mail from Zara since my boyfriend and I ordered a few things on Black Friday. Good thing they had online shopping because I wasn't about to go shopping in stores. The chaos that is Black Friday in the U.S. is unbelievable. Plus, I was spending time with my family instead, which is something I'd much rather do. I can't wait to receive my package and show you guys what I bought :D

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