I'm wearing a Zara leather jacket, vintage sweater, Zara jeans, and JustFab loafers

I've been loving the camel trend, which is why a lot of things that I've been buying have been along that color wheel. The color is so nice! It's also surprisingly easy to match with a lot of other things. What's most interesting is I've been wearing more color than I used to. In the past, all black was my favorite go-to. Now, I want to have more color in my life. I've been wearing green, beige, pink, red, and other colors but that doesn't mean I've given up on all black outfits. I still wear them out like my recent Instagram post. It's interesting to see how much one's style and preferences change.

I have a lot of Christmas footage to edit and put together, but since my holiday festivities are not over yet, I don't have time to post them on the blog. Those will probably have to wait until after New Year's. I'm thinking if I should do a 'What I Got For Christmas' video since I enjoy watching those but don't want to be a show off even though that's not why I'd want to do the video. Apologies if there aren't too many posts within the next few days as I'm busy with plans, but I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and has a happy new year!!!!! :)

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